For years, restaurants, hotels, event venues, and tourist attractions have relied on a “tried and true” advertising program with exceptional results: POSTCARDS. The power of postcard marketing is the ability to provide guests with an instant memory of a meaningful visit – a PICTURE! By giving advertising postcards to guests, more of their feelings returned to them after their visit whenever looking at the postcard. From Rome’s Coliseum to Paris’ Eifel Tower to New York’s Statue of Liberty – postcards capture the place in its perfection. The only problem with postcard advertising is it always features a destination image but not the visitor – until now, with the Image Postcard System!

The Image Postcard System  offers a unique way to instantly produce postcards that are personalized for every guest.




The Image Postcard System enables your business to give a personalized postcard to every guest when they leave as a free gift from your establishment.  This souvenir is not just a free emotional keepsake for your guest – most importantly, this gift is a key advertising tool for your business!

The personal touch – your guest’s photo image – guarantees that the postcard is kept and displayed for a long time. In addition, the postcard features:

  • information on how to access a digital copy of the postcard online

  • email and social media downloads

  • promotional offers

  • bounce back deals

Request a free trial of the Image Postcard System by calling (800) 377-7444 or emailing